• Wholesale/Resellers


    We love partners!! We offer a great wholesale and resellers program. Our products strive to be pure and additive free, using natural ingredients while holding luxury scent and a high quality feeling as top priority.   To keep this accessible to everyone, we also make affordable pricing a part of all that we create.  

    All of our soy melt and candles are: 100% Natural US Grown Soy Wax, 100% Natural Paper/Cotton Wick, 100% Hand Poured candle/melt, 100% Natural Essential Oils or 100% high quality fragrance oils. NO Artificial colors or dyes, Even the labels are made of recycled materials.  

    Shea Devil Balms are made of organic shea butter and organic coconut oil with high quality essential oils.  Only the Lemon is a refined shea and an all natural fragrance oil to create a lighter product. 

    Manly Hands, Girly Hands, and Extreme Hands are made of organic shea butter, kokum butter, lanolin, healing essentials.  Extreme hands also has the addition of bees wax.  

    We try to keep all products in supply at all times to ship within 1-3 business days (larger orders or special circumstances would be the only time we might request extra time)  Shipping rates for wholesale of course do not fall into the $5.95 rate, but much of our products ship affordably fitting into flat rate boxes and we do not charge a handling fee. 

    Email us at coloradoearthscents@gmail.com  or click on the contact us tab and send an addressing what your needs might be and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.  If possible include your phone contact info as personal conversations are preferred! 

    Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to a successful and long business relationship together.