• Whispering Winds- 100% Essential Oil


    Brighten and awaken your senses with this energizing breeze of freshness.  The scent of invigoration, not overpowering but alive and stimulating. With its vibrant, tart and sweet citrus aroma, you will love burning this scent anytime you want that "sunshine" filled room even on a cloudy day.

    Made with 100% pure essential oils, 100% natural paper/cotton wicks and 100% natural soy wax, this is the purest candle you can buy. An original "recipe" blend you will not find anywhere else.

    Burn Times:

    6 oz Tins: 30-35 hours
    8 oz Glass Jars: 50-55 hours
    12 oz Glass Jars: 85-90 hours
    3 oz melts: Can vary the most, but usually 50+ hours per tray of 6