• Vanilla Tobacco


    Smooth, rich, and elegant in character, a rich combination of smokey tobacco leaves with just a hint of vanilla.  The caramel like vanilla tones tickle the edge of your senses as the warm and elegant woody tobacco notes calm and sooth your mind and your body follows.  An exciting yet homey combination which boldly fills your space and relaxes the soul. 

    Made with fragrance oils, 100% natural paper/ cotton wicks and 100% natural soy wax, this is the purest candle you can buy and still get that rich beautiful smell you can almost taste!

    Burn Times:

    6 oz Tins: 30-35 hours
    8 oz Glass Jars: 50-55 hours
    12 oz Glass Jars: 85-90 hours
    3 oz melts: Can vary the most, but usually 50+ hours per tray of 6