• Rainforest Waterfall- 100% Essential Oil


    Escape to a relaxing, warm and exotic place.  An Asian tropical evergreen with white and yellow flowers is the base of this wonderfully sultry yet lively scent . Close your eyes and relax with hints of lemon, floral, and greens, the almost indescribable scent of a fresh tropical rainforest .

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    Made with 100% pure essential oils, 100% natural paper/cotton wicks and 100% natural soy wax, this is the purest kind of candle you can buy. An exclusive and original "recipe" you will not find anywhere else.

    Burn Times:

    8 oz Glass Jars: 50-55 hours
    12 oz Glass Jars: 85-90 hours
    3 oz melts: Can vary the most, but usually 50+ hours per tray of 6