• Lemon Cream Intensive Shea Skin Balm


    Lemon Cream is created for those who may not like the Essential Oil intensity. An all natural fragrance oil with no other additives or chemicals is used for this delicious scent.   We particularly like this yummy balm for lips.  

    Intensive Organic Shea Butter balm with Organic Coconut Oil, and healing essential oils.  For healing dry skin, chapped skin, cracked skin anywhere it's needed.  Especially good for hands, feet, elbows and knees 

    "Sinfully Pure Moisturizing"..... Bring your own water!  Why sinful?  Because we have been told for too long that natural can't compete with the synthetically produced products that cost a fortune, and we rebelliously reject that notion!  All the best of the moisture that your skin craves and needs with 100% pure organic shea butter & organic coconut oil.  This balm liquefies with your body temperature and soaks in completely within a matter of a couple of minutes leaving skin smooth and non-sticky.  Great for high problem areas like cracked fingers and toes - and fits great in your purse, but add a little of your own water (or as we like to apply right out of a hot steamy shower)  and use it all over. 

     This balm is so concentrated you will be surprised at how far a little goes, with so much of what we are used to using containing evaporating water, drying alcohol, sticky and non-absorbing petroleum oil products, and so many other additives.  Available in .5 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz. sizes.