• Joy of Java!


    The joy of java will lift the sleepiest of heads, wake the tiredest of souls, and tickle the grumpiest of dispositions.  Fresh roasted coffee beans with just the tiniest hint of sweetness, this aroma will take you to a  warm and cozy place in your mind. The soothing calm of the afternoons when you’ve just curled up with a good book on a chilly day.

    Made with fragrance oils, 100% natural paper/cotton wicks and 100% natural soy wax, this is the purest melt you can buy and still get that aroma you can almost taste!

    Burn Times:

    6 oz Tins: 30-35 hours
    8 oz Glass Jars: 50-55 hours
    12 oz Glass Jars: 85-90 hours
    3 oz melts: Can vary, but usually 50+ hours per tray of 6