• Girly Hands Healing Skin Balm by Shea Devil


    Girly Hands Intensive Healing Balm - Because strong hands are beautiful but rough hands are not!    This balm is a expands on our Shea Devil balms with amazing combination of soothing organic shea butter, imported extremely healing Indian kokum butter, lanolin, and the intense healing properties of essential oils.  For you most troublesome skin areas, deeply dry or summer affected skin, cracked or inflamed areas.  Experience the deeply soothing relief and healing properties.  

    Luxurious and healing essential oils create a floral yet grounded scent with lively rose geranium and tranquil vetiver among others.  The only thing more powerful is our "Extreme Hands" which seals it all in with bees wax.  

    We get it that you enjoy the balance of being strong, feminine and beautiful.... and it's sexy!  So we designed this scent and healing combination for you in a convenience size tin to take with you, because much as we love your strong hands, rough hands are a different story! 

    Shea Devil Products are "Sinfully Pure Moisturizing"..... Bring your own water!  Why sinful?  Because we have been told for too long that natural can't compete with the synthetically produced products that cost a fortune, and we rebelliously reject that notion!  All the best of the moisture that your skin craves and needs with 100% pure organic shea butter, unrefined which leaves the high concentration of vitamins and minerals in the butter for your skin and beard to soak up.  

     This balm is so concentrated you will be surprised at how far a little goes, with so much of what we are used to using containing evaporating water, drying alcohol, sticky and non-absorbing petroleum oil products, and so many other additives.