At Colorado Earth Scents creating luxuriously scented and intensely effective natural and non-toxic home scent and personal care products is what drives our passion and creative process.

In our Home Scent Products: 

Besides the incredible scent combinations and strength,  soy candles are better for the health of yourself, your family, your pets and the environment. 

  • Our candles and melts have no chemical stabilizers or artificial colors or dyes. All of our candles are creamy white in color, the natural color of the soy wax. Most candle wicks also contain unhealthy metals, our wicks are made from 100% paper and cotton and burn clean.  100% Essential Oil choices allow scents which are about as pure as you can get. We want to offer you the best for your air.

  •   Your money goes further! Soy wax candles and melts burn on average up to 50% longer. Our candles burn the wax down the side of the container as well and stop a safe distance just below the bottom, so you are not throwing away a ton of your candle in the end.

  • Soy does not contain the toxins that other candles and melts do.  Paraffin candles, the ones you would normally buy in the store or online, are actually an undesired part of petroleum crude oil. You are releasing a petro-carbon soot into the air you breathe by burning it.  This soot stains your walls, furniture, and is circulated through your air ducts. According to the American Lung Association, this soot can contain up to 11 documented toxins, 2 of which are known carcinogens — toluene and benzene. 

  • Colorado Earth scents puts all the quality in quality wax and oils.  Although the reusable contain is lovely, we want our scent and your decor to be the showcase.  We minimize the packaging and labeling so there is less waste and more enjoyment of scent and candle glow!

  • Soy is a natural and renewable ingredient. Our soy is grown right here in the United States.

In our Personal Care Products:
  • If you don't love and crave the scents you won't use it so we make sure that all our scents entice deep and repeated inhales, as well as looks of joy, surprise and delight.  If you don't experience the desired moisturizing affect you won't come back to us so we use our products and are constantly demo-ing our products to make sure to feel the experience and hear feedback.  
  • An impressive all natural ingredients list with no chemical additives, preservatives, colorants, or chemicals.  You are able to read and easily recognize what you are putting on (which will be absorbed into) your body
  • Organic ingredients are used as the base of all our products with Unrefined Shea Butter and coconut oils both being organic.  All other ingredients are all natural.