Colorado Earth Scents was born many years ago with the vision and passion of our lead fragrance designer, professionally trained Chef Bianca Trenker.  Her love of creating culinary and sensory delights combined with a passion for affordable quality, a decade of sharing beautiful ambiance through fine art, d├ęcor and jewelry at her gallery Mountain Living Studio (videos below!), Colorado, and a lifetime of absorbing environments and ambiances while traveling the world. She began an endeavor to recreate some of those wonderful scents in a candle made from essential oils and 100% natural soy.  With the discovery that many ingredients in common petroleum wax based candles were actually toxic when burned, the desire to discover a safe yet fantastic alternative began. Using only 100% natural soy based wax along with natural paper/cotton wicks and essential oils, Bianca found a way to craft a healthier and better candle, and now melts, with amazingly rich and luxurious scents.

Being a native of Colorado she desired to try to recreate the wonderful natural scents that surrounded her there. Each scent is the result of hours and hours of a fascination with true essences, research with various oils, combining and experimenting with the "recipe", and observing and surveying what feelings and sensations the aromas evoke to bring you a truly unique scent that will excite your olfactory sense and bring a sensation, emotion or memory to your mind. 


Want to know a little more? Here is a quickie 4 minute video from local news on small business Saturday, it gives you a snippet of the personality of owner and scent creator Bianca Trenker , as well as more about Mountain Living Studio where these wonderful products were created!  Click here for short video

Still want to know even more?  Here is a longer video produced by Rocky Mountain Views, of which the first 20 minutes is an interview with gallery owner and scent creator Bianca Trenker talking about her life experiences, love of creativity, and town of Manitou Springs.  The last half of the video is a walking tour mostly of the upper floor of her gallery.  Click here for longer interview video